Humans did not always have gods. When was the supernatural first invented and given credit for the cosmos? The time is pure conjecture on my part but I think it was centuries after the beginning. I think it took several millenium for humans to create gods because it probably took that long to develope language.

For millions of generations people lived in harmony with nature, albeit in awe, while developing into the unique animals we are. In small family groups communication was easy with body language and gestures. Compassionate emotions were transmitted by touch of hands or change of eye muscles. A stern look or physical blow could strike fear and command obedience in members within reach. A facial expression or physical motion could evoke a fight or flight response to threats or danger.

Leaders emerged to protect and preserve family units. Personal gestures only worked within physical reach. Over generations as families increased, sound was needed to command attention and words were invented. Power was given to those who sought it with compassion or greed depending on the individual and the circumstance.

Animals other than humans do not cower or shiver during storms or natural disasters. Humans probably didn't either. If apparent danger threatens, animals take flight. They seek a haven or turn their rumps to the storm and wait it out. To me it is reasonable that humans existed much the same for eons.

Twenty four hours is a long time to fill, I think, when one lives out of doors. Unless all daylight hours were needed to search for food, natural animal curiosity and intelligence of those first millions of generations of ancestors assimilated facts about the environment. And there would be time for individuals to suggest rituals to make life interesting. But humans lived as part of the nature that they were. Without god.

There was also time for individuals to figure out how to weld power to build their own egos. It would have been a gradual progression for one to suggest that a powerful being beyond nature was making thunder, lightning, and other fearsome acts otherwise accepted as a natural part of the world. Constantly living on the edge would create anxiety in groups and comfort was sought. Charismatic individuals emerged and were looked to for comfort.

So little can be found in archaeology about those millions of years because nature is a master at recycling. Plants and animal parts used in daily lives returned to earth except for some fosilized bones. Tool development occurred before language because tools were necessary for food gathering and protection.

Humans multiplied. Hand signals and facial expressions were translated into vocal symbols. Language was invented. Words had power. And man made God

Naomi Sherer