The Inland Northwest Freethought Society
consists of the various atheists, agnostics, and skeptics
who meet in groups around Spokane on a regular basis.
 Folks from those groups have met with like minded thinkers
from the Tri-city area in the past.
I suggest the freethinkers plan a picnic or some such event
in the summer of 2009 - somewhere between the two areas
in a state or city park?
email your ideas to



Inland Northwest Freethought Society and the American Humanists of Spokane sponsored a buffet banquet featuring Dan Barker, Co-president of The Freedom From Religion Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin.

November 11, 2007
Spokane, Washington


One hundred and fifty freethinkers dined on chicken, salmon, and prime rib, salads, desserts, and coffee with great physical satisfaction. AND then Dan Barker sat down at the magnificent grand piano to satisfy our hearts and minds with his presence, his musical talent and his humor. Feet tapped to his rendition of "Beware of Dogma" and other original tunes and lyrics as only he can blaspheme.

In a question and answer hour, Dan explained how FFRF handles church and state litigation, the need for vigilance, and our bonding with the understanding that nature is all there is and what magnificence that entails.

If you desire to join these wonderful, reasoning, and crazy infidels
visit the websites:

Naomi Sherer